Aliant YLP07 lithium phosphate battery


Aliant YLP07 lithium phosphate battery

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Ultralight battery technology-based safe lithium phosphate. Product development is enough to ensure a lasting more 3000cycles @ 80% . Developed specifically for the world of motorcycling, the YLP series is available in just 5 models compatible with the traditional lead-acid batteries.

The footprint is reduced by 50% and the weight up to 80%. The battery YLP is able to withstand up to 12000 goodwill, unmatched value.

The great development work carried out in recent years, has allowed us to realize ALIANTYLP, the lithium iron phosphate smallest ever!

Safety is guaranteed by the choice of cellsExplosion Proof lithium iron phosphateLIFEPO4 , coordinated and managed by anelectronic card embedded BMS controlled bymicroprocessor that ensures greater durability and a guarantee charge.

The YLP series are the lithium iron phosphate battery giving you reliable starting capability with durability superior to products in the motorcycle market.

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