MWR Filter – WSBK edition


With the corporation of KHI , BMW , MV Agusta and MotoGP teams, MWR developed a new style , very exclusive customized airfilter that increases the filtersurface enormously . The shape of the filter is “adapted” to the airbox to make it as big as possible , one of the reasons why they can’t make the WSBK filter for every bike . They are able to increase the filtersurface 50 – 100% , depending on the type of bike.

More and bigger surface means less restriction , a better protection and the performance increase is in this case enormously.

All WSBK filters are handcut and hand glued.

MWR increased the filter surface area with 50% what brings a very positive reaction to the bikes performance & protection . Developed in coorporation with BMW WSBK Superbike & Superbike “EVO” + Builbase BMW (BSB Superbikes). This filter is build from two different foam materials to create the same effect as with the splitterplate from the “HE” & “R” filters.

The extra surface with the two different foam materials.
The foam material used for our roadbikes is placed conscious on a certain place to create the same effect as the splitterplate on our “HE” & “R” filters , the rest is the foam material for the full racefilters .
For the fueling you need to approach the same way as with our “HE” & “R” filter . This means tune each cylinder seperate.and tune the secondairy injectors seperate from the main injectors.

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