Öhlins TTX GP


For 2018 Öhlins will be updating and revising the TTX GP product line-up. Öhlins are continuously striving to improve their products on quality, consistency and performance. From our latest research and development
we have made a number of component and setting improvements which we have combined into the 2018 shock.

The TTX GP will feature amongst other things a new type of valve which gives better feedback to the rider, also a new piston & piston band which gives together with the new valves better grip, stability and feedback. The new piston & piston band design also wears less than the current design which gives a more consistent performance over a longer period of time.

The new adjuster knobs makes it easier to makes changes on the fly with or without tools compared to the current design.

  • TTX technology, twin tube technology
  • Rebound and compression adjustment straight from MotoGP
  • Adjustment needles with different flow restriction behavior to improve chassis feedback
  • Wider and more precise adjustment range
  • Completely separated functions for rebound and compression damping
  • New valves – better performance
  • New piston and piston band – better performance and less wear
  • New adjuster knobs – easier adjustment by hand but still adjustable with hexagon tool
  • New top out spring
  • New decals

Our suspension technician will setup the damper to your weight (including clothing + helmet etc.) and your preferred tire brand. Please contact us before selecting this option. Dampers are ordered upon your order.

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