Brembo 19×18 CNC Brake Master


Brembo CNC 19×18 Brake Master.

Ideal brakemaster for two disc bikes.

The 19×18 stroke is the most extreme version and suitable for riders who like more power and great progression. The working stroke is slightly shorter than that of 19×20.

Besides the MotoGP CNC master at 4x this price, this is the best master for Radial mounted dual disc race bikes.

If you ride your bike on the track, the best investment bar none, will be a Brembo brake master. Buy one, and braking will never be the same again!

Guidance for choosing your brake master:

  • 19 mm diameter piston version fit twin front disks bikes
  • 16 mm is the right choice for one front disk bikes.

19 mm is available in four versions, that differ for their wheelbase:

  • 19 x 16: is the extremest version, the shorter wheelbase is preferred by riders who like more power and excellent progressiveness. Not for street use.
  • 19 x 18: is an extreme version as well and is not recommended for street use.
  • 19 x 20 is the ‘entry’ level version. The longer the wheelbase is, the shorter the lever will travel and less power is transferred to the piston.
  • 19RCS: two different wheelbases (20 and 18) , fold up lever, microswitch (usable on the street)

Fits a M10x1,0 mm banjo bolt.  (Normally Japanese bikes has a M10x1,25mm fitment).

Forged masters are a great alternative to the expensive CNC masters, in the way that they are exactly similar in function. Manufacturing tolerances are just kept tighter on the CNC version and the surface will be smoother on the CNC version as well.

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