KLS Comp


The classic KLS tire warmer making use of their patented carbon-fibre heating technology.

  • Extremely fast and even heating of tyres and rim.
  • Ideal for competitive drivers who do not absolutely need the temperature control found on the Pro-X version.

Also available in heat-resistant FULL NOMEX VERSION for motorcycles whose exhaust pipe is drawing very close to the tyre.

Carbon-fibre heating technology

The model ‘comp’ uses KLS’ patented carbon fibre heating technology. Countless GP-winners and world-champions rely on this superior heating technology. Fastest possible heating of tyre and rim without local overheating guarantee maximum grip and life-expectancy of your tyre on the racing course!

Tyre temperature controlled by thermostat

A high precision thermostat with ultra-low control hysteresis is applied. The target temperature is 80-85 °C.

Heating period

Given an ambient temperature of 20 °C, approx. 35 minutes to reach a tyre temperature of 80-85 °C and a rim temperature of approx. 40°C. By keeping a higher final temperature of the tires and rim the model ‘comp’ also allows to flawlessly overcome some waiting time (pre-start, etc.).

Indicator LED

The model ‘comp’ is equipped with a red indicator LED. The LED indicates the active heating mode (LED = on) or the active thermostat control (thermostat off = LED off).


‘SuperTex’ outside cover material, air-sealed, heat-storing, water-repellent, stain-resistant, washable!

Interior cover: high quality heat-resistant ‘NOMEX’!

For motorcycles (p. e. various Ducati types) whose exhaust pipe is drawing very close (approx. <40 mm) to the tire, it is recommended to use the FULL NOMEX VERSION. Otherwise the tire heater’s shell may be damaged from getting into contact with the hot exhaust pipe during assembly or operation of the tyre warmer.

XXL side lid

The sidewalls of the tyres reach far down over the rim flange to protect sidewalls and rims from cold draught. This way, the characteristics of the tyre suspension are improved and the pressure of the tyre is stabilised by a slightly higher rim temperature.


A central velcro flap and elastics integrated at the side enable easy and fast assembly and disassembly.


Power supply is sustained by an 1.8 m power cable, with Euro plug. A solid strain relief guarantees permanent flawless operation.

Colours and sizes

Available colours: Black, Red, Blue.
Sizes: 110-17”, 120-17”, 165-17”, 180-190-17”, 195-200-17”.

If you need sizes that are not shown in the drop down menu, please sent us an email.


Incl. handy storage case for storage and transport.

Due to sizes and variant available, only few select sizes are kept in stock. Since KLS is direct supplier, delivery time is short. Please send us an email if you need additional sizes and/or colors to the ones listed below.

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