Tygon 2375 Brake Fluid Tubing Ø8mm


25cm of Tygon 2375 highly chemical resistant tubing.
If you order more than one tubing, it will come as multiple 25cm pieces of tubing.

This diameter of tubing is ideal for the tubing between the brake master and the fluid reservoir. Using a clear tubing will also make it easier to spot remaining air while venting your brakes.

  • Tubing Length: 25cm
  • Tubing Inside Diameter: Ø7.94mm
  • Tubing Outside Diameter: Ø11.1mm
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 25-31mm

Tygon 2375 is the best clear tubing when it comes to brake fluid. Many use PVC tubing in different forms and quickly sees them ‘sweating’ because they are not formulated to contain a fluid such as brake fluid.
The tubing will not brittle or crack when used with brake fluid, since plasticisers are not extracted from the tubing.

  • Tygon 2375 is entirely free of plasticizers, eliminating brake fluid contamination resulting from leaching plasticizers.
  • Eliminates premature cracking of embrittlement due to plasticizer extraction.
  • Expanded chemical resistance compared to other clear tubing.
  • Tubing is virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts and alcohols
  • Resistant to MEK and other highly aggressive chemicals.
  • Extremely smooth inner surface: Inhibits particulate build-up.
  • Hydrophobic property reduces absorption of aqueous fluids.
  • Minimal out gassing from tubing.
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