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After extensive testing by professional teams, the tyre warmer ‘pro-X TST’ with temperature switch 60/85°C is now available for everyone. Its new construction provides the highest durability in ‘daily use’, being the standard condition among GP teams.
Its asymmetric heating profile is globally unique: In the banking area, the pro-X provides an approx. 15% higher heating performance than in the centre so that maximum grip is ensured even at short heating periods. In addition it has a coloured strip fixed with velcro that may in case of staining be replaced or cleaned with little effort.


2 tyre temperatures controlled by thermostat

Two high precision thermostats with ultra-low control hysteresis are applied. The target temperatures are ranging between 55 – 60°C or 85 – 90°C, resp.
The 60 °C position is offering several benefits:

  • The heating of tyres that are very sensitive against temperature, e.g. rain tyres or intermediates,
  • The possibility of keeping a tyre heated at a ‘grip-retaining’ temperature level for an extended time without provoking damaging side-effects.

Example: During a training ride, the driver enters the pit and it is not yet known how long the break will take. You may then just apply the pro-X at its 60 °C position to the tire and keep it warm, eventually for more than 1.5 hours.
About 10 minutes before the driver will return to the track, you switch to the 85 °C position for heating the tyres to optimum operational temperature.

Heating period

Given an ambient temperature of 20 °C, approx. 30 minutes to reach a tyre temperature of 85-90 °C and a rim temperature of approx. 45 °C. By keeping a higher final temperature of tyres and rim the model ‘pro-X’ also allows to flawlessly overcome some waiting time (pre-start, etc.).

Indicator LEDs

The model ‘pro-X’ is equipped with one red and one green indicator LED. The red LED indicates the active heating mode (i. e. red LED = on) re. the active thermostat control (thermostat off = LED off).
The green LED is illuminated if the tyrewarmer is connected to the power supply.
The benefit from that is that you may control at one glance (even if the red LED is off) whether proper power supply is maintained.


Cover material and strip made of NOMEX. Air-sealed, heat-storing, water-repellent, stain-resistant, washable!
Interior cover: high quality heat-resistant “NOMEX”!


A central velcro flap and integrated elastics at the side enable easy and fast assembly and disassembly.

XXL side lid

The sidewalls reach far down over the rim flange, to protect the sidewalls of the tyres and the rims from cold draught. This way, the characteristics of the tyre suspension are improved and the pressure of the tyre is stabilised by a slightly higher rim temperature.


Power supply is sustained by an 1.8 m power cable, with Euro plug.
A solid strain relief guarantees permanent flawless operation.

Colours and sizes

For the pro-X, the basic colour of the tire heaters always is black.
Available strip colours: black, red, blue, yellow, silver-grey, grey, wine-red, green, orange. Please note that these colors are not kept in stock!
Sizes: 110-17”, 120-17”, 165-17”, 180-190-17”, 195-200-17”.

We offer up the common sizes for 600cc and 1000cc bikes here.

  • Supersport 180-190/17″
  • Superbike 195-200/17″


Incl. handy storage case for storage and transport.

Available on backorder

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