Rotobox Bullet Yamaha MT-09


Do you want to improve the handling of your bike dramatically? If so, carbon wheels is the way to go! You will receive the best performance increase in handling from reducing unsprung weight, and these wheels deliver in spades!

Weight varies from model to model, depending on bearings, spacer sizes. Weights are incredible low across all models.

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Front wheels size: 17˝X 3.5˝

Rear Wheel size: 17˝X 6˝

The all new and improved carbon fiber wheel from Rotobox, decreasing the weight from the Boost with a radical new design! Comes in gloss, Satin and matt finish, in both symmetric and convex designs.
New technology was developed to be able to combine woven carbon fabric, string and chopped fibers in one part. To be able to inject the resin into the highly compressed part, high pressure vacuum assisted resin transfer molding is used (over 20 bars RTM).
The result is a unique, beautiful, high performance part with high grade repeatability and consistent production. With high stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio construction the wheel represents originality and it is raising the bar in technology of carbon fiber reinforced plastics. The permissible static load is 280 kg on the rear wheel and 160kg on the front wheel.

Weight examples:
Stock S1000RR  11.70kg
Rotobox Bullet   6.78kg
Weight saving of almost 5.00kg of rotating mass. Incredible!
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Weight10 kg

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